Chapter 1 Life Stages

Two words to describe an artist – drama queen .


Hello, Dear WordPressers !

My name is Binky. I’m a struggling artistic persona and this’s my diary.

Today I was thinking on how we define life stages because we all agree that there’re some. A human life is a cycle unlike the Anthozoa kind (you know, that creative ocean stuff).

Back to the point. Some differ their stages of living by counting  how old they become. “This year I’m turning 25 and this means…”,”Now I’m 33 years old – Oh, just like Jesus. Hey guys, guess what ?- I’m a Jesus. “, “It’s your birthday today and you’re entering the very important stage of…”. The last quote belongs to my lovely grandparents.

Others consider some events to be those life stages, I’m talking about. This group divides (from my point of view, of course) into two. The first one I prefer to call “the simple kind”. These  people aren’t “ordinary “- they just don’t make a fuss about living. Their list of life stages looks something like this:

  1. birthday
  2. kindergarten
  3. school
  4. college/university+short-time relationship ( no comment 🙂 )
  5.  work+long-lasting relationship
  6. marriage
  7. bringing up child(-ren) (experiencing all over again from #2-#6)
  8. retiring
  9. being grandparents
  10. the end

I made it sound like bad thing,probably – IT’S NOT! Personally, this seems to be the proper way. The only thing that scares me about this group is getting bored. Too simple is boring. Of couse it depends on lots of different factors bur speaking in generalities: simplifying can be quite boring. (Remember I’m a struggling artist.) The second group is a bit more creative in choosing the events. Just some examples:

  • On this day I started fangirling over that band.
  • Someone important invited me to his birthday party in the 2nd grade.
  • Exactly to years ago I got this tattoo. Now I’m celebrating it by getting a new tattoo each year.

Please, do not consider it to be lady’s only club because men don’t remember stuff like this. Remember no authentic thoughts on this blog.

To finish this nearly mind-blowing post I wanted to say that if you can relate yourself to each group – you define your life the way I do. The best way, clearly.


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